Adapted from Feature by Joe Iovino

If you are a United Methodist, you may have heard about some of the things happening in our church today around the issues of human sexuality. There will be a Special Session of General Conference in February 2019, to receive and act upon a report by a group called the Commission on a Way Forward. This important work will help shape the future of The United Methodist Church.

These five things offer an overview of the Commission on a Way Forward, and what will be discussed and decided at the 2019 General Conference Special Session. Many links are included that take you to pages where you can learn much more. Go to: to see the five things.

To see the "One Church Plan" recommended by most of the Council of Bishops, go to

To see a copy of the Way Forward Report - Final Submission go to:

To learn about the "2019 Special Session of the General Conference" go to