Midweek Gatherings

We are meeting on Zoom until futher notice. Email the church for the log in at office @ HapevilleUMC.com
What's a Midweek Gathering?
The weekends are so busy that many people don't have an opportunity to connect with others for spiritual renewal and encouragement. Other people work on the weekends and would like to connect during the week for their spiritual nourishment. Still, others may worship on the weekend but also like a midweek gathering to continue their spiritual growth. Thus the reason for a Midweek Gathering.

Each week, Hapeville Methodist Church organizes and sponsors one or more Midweek gatherings. Some occur in restaurants, some in homes and a few at the church. We strive to provide options that will fit the needs of our community. Here are a few key principles:
- A midweek gathering offers a topic for discussion, one that is relevant and meaningful, with the emphasis is on people sharing and being heard, not changing people’s minds.
- The time together is for encouraging people, lifting them up from daily issues.
-  There should be joy and laughter as we commune together
- All are welcome, all are equal, although there is a facilitator and or someone to share a topic to discuss
- There is an emphasis on our spiritual selves, not a religion, allowing people to honor God as they see fit
- The goal is to offer food and beverage, companionship, community support, mutual respect, open communication, some privacy, low cost, as a "Fresh Expression of Church," at an off-site location.

A typical agenda might look like the following:  
6:00- 6:15 Welcome, order food and beverages, get settled in
6:15-6:30 Topic for discussion
6:30-7:15 Food and discussion
7:15-7:30 Closing prayer
To get connected with a Midweek Spiritual Gathering, contact Hapeville Methodist Church.
“I work most weekends so the Midweek Gathering provides an opportunity for me to connect with others around a spiritual topic and feel a sense of community.”
Karl - Hapeville, GA
The Corner Tavern in Hapeville, GA is one of the locations for a Midweek Spiritual Gatherings.


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