What's the story with the Pews?
Many people would like to have a church pew but the size of an average pew makes it hard to find a location in a home or office to place a church pew.

So we are making it easy by shortening a pew down to 4 ' long. They come in plain finish for $400 or a whitewash version for $500. This price includes delivery within a 10-mile radius of the church. Click on the "Donate" button above, PayPal also accepted.

We have contracted local artists to reduce the size of the pews and prepare them for continued use.  The majority of the funds go the artist and the remaining amount to the church. This way the church is supporting local art and an artist in the community.

The reason we are selling the church pews is to prepare the Sanctuary of our church for multiple uses. Pews make good place for many people to sit together for a sermon or presentation. For the space to be used for a workshop or a dinner with tables of 8, nice padded chairs are much better. The sanctuary space becomes much more flexible.

Come by the church to see a repurposed pew or click on the "Donate" button to place your order.  The delivery of your pew will take approximately 4 weeks.